SMARTACUS is a web portal in which writers and sources collaboratively develop content to support Upstate New York's creative economy. Our main tools are Basecamp, Typeform, Zoom and Squarespace. SMARTACUS Writing Apprentices learn to use all of these in producing their stories, which may be posted on any of our four main platforms: 

SMARTACUS Main Stage. Reports broadly on UNY's creative economy and carries the soon-to-launch SMARTACUS Podcast. 

Around the Silo. Reports on the development of Pitney Meadows Community Farm and other major contributors to the Saratoga region's green economy. 

New York Brainway. Spotlights Upstate New York's most sustainable student startups. 

A Theology of Carbon. Chronicles the launch of ThinkPal, thos most advanced neuraxial device of its time, by the Saratoga Springs-based Darwin's Edge during the Presidential Election of 2056. 

If you'd like to connect, please drop us a note. Thanks!

Dan Forbush
Publisher, SMARTACUS

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