Demonstrating the power of Basecampthe SMARTACUS Creative Group is engaging the community in a new, highly efficient form of civic publishing. We're capitalizing on the efficiency of interactive tools to have content-creating conversations with community leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts.

Our Content Engine enables us to capture keystrokes in interviews. That allows for a major time savings, enabling us to simply maneuver text while preserving our sources' words exactly as they wish to be quoted. 

We seek conversations with

  • leaders in Upstate New York's creative economy who have legacies they'd like to leave and visions they wish to share; 

  • young entrepreneurs who are innovating sustainable solutions that just may enable our planet needs to survive;

  • future-oriented experts who can help us envision Saratoga Springs and our larger world in 2056. 





  • Collaboration with UU Saratoga 
  • Collaboration on Community Publishing  
  • Collaboration in NYS Summer Writers Institute 
  • Collaboration with Bill Walker  Interactive  Public 
  • Collaboration with Judy Harrigan 
  • Collaboration with Tom Denny  
  • Collaboration with Robert Arnold 
  • Collaboration to Organize and Bury the Saratoga Time Capsule   Internal   Public

Do you have an idea for a great story or collaboration? Drop us a note or call. Thanks. 

Dan Forbush
Publisher, SMARTACUS



Are you a college or high school student who's interested in developing a show that explores the legacies that Upstate New York's most creative people aim to leave for future generations? Drop us a note. 

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Name *

Do you have an idea for a great story or collaboration? Drop us a note. Thanks.