Employing the power of collaborative media, we’re connecting students with leaders, innovators and artists in Upstate New York’s creative economy for the purpose of producing full-length feature profiles that celebrate their accomplishments and provide insight to the creative process. We’re using Typeform to capture your responses to Ten Questions that will give the student a good foundation on which to develop additional questions. We’re using Basecamp as the medium in which this interview will be conducted. (though you have the option of being interviewed by simple email if you prefer). Whichever medium we use, we aim to capture your responses as keystrokes that are easy to can cut, paste, edit and publish. By giving us your keystrokes, you increase the efficiency of the writing process.

  • OUR TEN QUESTIONS: Your responses will give the student a strong foundation on which to formulate additional questions and conduct an online interview. We ask you to complete these by Friday, January 31, so that students may begin their interviews during the first week of February.

  • THE ONLINE INTERVIEW: The student writer who chooses you to profile will pose additional questions as comments in our Basecamp workspace or, if you prefer, via email. This process should be completed by Friday, February 14.

  • THE DISCOVERY DRAFT: Drawing on your responses to the initial Ten Questions and additional questions, the student will write a first draft of an 800-to-1200 word profile. In the process, the student will find gaps that need to be filled and areas of further interest to explore. This step should be completed by Friday, March 6.

  • THE ‘FACE-TO-FACE’ INTERVIEW: The student will connect with you by phone, Zoom or in-person to pose additional questions, producing an abbreviated transcript of your conversation on which to draw for the story. This step should be completed by Friday, March 20.

  • FINAL DRAFT AND SIGNOFF: With this additional input, the student will rework the story into a Final Draft for your edits and sign off. This should be completed by Friday, April 17.


  • How would you describe the work that you've done throughout your life?

  • How would you describe the work you're currently doing?

  • Whose thinking or influence has most shaped you?

  • How would you describe the professional or creative passion that most drives you?

  • What discoveries made in childhood or adolescence have been most relevant to your life's work?

  • What goals have most motivated you?

  • Of what achievements in your life and career are you most proud?

  • What do you sense you still must achieve in life?

  • What single piece of advice would you give to a young person who's about to graduate from high school and is exploring life, career, and educational options?

  • What legacy do you wish to leave?

If you’re left with questions, please drop me a note.

Dan Forbush
Publisher, SMARTACUS