Getting Started



Among the great teachers I've been fortunate to have in my life was Don Murray, a man The Poynter Institute has called "America's Greatest Writing Coach.

“Good writing may look like magic, Murray argued time and again, but the magic is produced by a rational process, a set of steps,” writes Roy Peter Clark, senior scholar at the Poynter Institute, in this tribute to Murray. “ Part of Murray’s genius was his ability to make that argument, to demonstrate it, without making writing feel robotic. Creative acts will still be filled with mystery, and Murray tapped into that energy as well. He was always waiting to learn what surprises were ahead of him as he sat down early each morning to write.”

Good writing is rewriting, Murray taught us. That’s why we’re using Basecamp: it's the most powerful tool for rewriting yet invented. Basecamp makes rewriting a collaboration between writer, editor, and subject. .

Our first step in launching the SCG is to seat in Basecamp Jill Cowburn's 26 journalism students at Saratoga Springs High School. We're introducing our Practicum in Collaborative Media with this assignment:

Produce an 800-to-1200 word profile of a leader or innovator in Upstate New York's creative economy. In the process, use Basecamp, Typeform (or SurveyMonkey), Zoom, and Squarespace.