Practicum Round 2: The SMARTACUS Top 50

If you’ve been following SMARTACUS, you’ll note we’ve created new channels by which to engage the young people of Saratoga Springs in creating brand-building content. Our proposed first step in launching Round 2 of our Practicum in Collaborative Media in January 2020 is to bring another 50 Interview Subjects — Voices of the Creative Economy — into the SMARTACUS Innovation Engine to make them easily available to students to interview.

If the Smart City Commission smiles on this initiative at its September 25th meeting — at which we’ll outline a year-long campaign to launch SMARTACUS, The Saratoga Innovation Center -- the 50 Writing Apprentices we’ll aim to enlist by December 31 will engage with these 50 community leaders, innovators and artists in our Innovation Engine and write full-length feature profiles to be published here in our Legacies series and on Saratoga Today’s Lifestyle page. If the Commission supports our proposal to bury the Saratoga 2056 Time Capsule on Mount McGregor, we’ll place them there, too.

We propose to sort our Top 50 by the following categories: