Addressing the AI 'Trust' Crisis

As AI is reported and represented more and more in the media, it could contribute to a deeply divided society, split between those who benefit from AI and those who reject it, surmises a researcher at Oxford University

“Refusing to accept the advantages offered by AI could place a large group of people at a serious disadvantage,” writes Vyacheslav Polonski, warning of an impending “AI trust crisis.”

“We don’t need to understand the intricate inner workings of AI systems, but if people are given at least a bit of information about and control over how they are implemented, they will be more open to accepting AI into their lives,” he says.

Companies developing AI programs should be more transparent about how the “black-box” of machine learning algorithms works and involve people more in the AI decision-making process, he says, referencing a study I which people who are given the freedom to slightly modify an algorithm tend to be more satisfied with its decisions, more likely to believe it was superior, and more likely to use it in the future.