The roots of SMARTACUS go back nearly 30 years.


Dan Forbush launches ProfNet, a crowdsourcing venture in email, at the University of Stony Brook. It connects reporters with expert sources via a network of public relations professionals.


Forbush secures for a crowdsourcing venture of the future.


The Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy issues call for acreative portal’ to support Upstate New York’s creative economy. (See page 16.)

Forbush proposes to be powered by The Skidmore Creative Group.


The Saratoga Springs Smart City Commission sets sights on The Saratoga Innovation Center.

Forbush proposes to be powered by The SMARTACUS Creative Group:

  • Oue Innovation Engine in Basecamp points to a new way for a community to organize, ‘merge minds,’ and publish. We produce high-value content in the public interest with exceptional efficiency, providing students a valuable experiential learning experience along the way.

  • Visioning” of the Mount McGregor Pavilion offers an ideal opportunity to demonstrate power of the SMARTACUS Innovation Engine.

  • Our alliance with Saratoga Publishing points to possible revenues from advertising and sponsorships.

  • Trademarks are in hand for SMARTACUS, Voice of the Creative Economy, and The New York Brainway.

  • SMARTACUS offers Saratoga Springs a commanding position on The New York Brainway.