Hiking the Palmertown Range Trail

Seating hikers, trail masters, geographers, geologists, and botanists who are especially well-acquainted with recreational options in the South Palmertown Range, stretching from Skidmore's North Woods to Moreau Lake. 

Saratoga in 2056

Futurists and innovators of all stripes who are trying to anticipate the curve and synchronize with the Next Big Thing. All content produced in association with this project will be interred in the Saratoga 2056 Time Capsule.


Darwin's Edge
Neuroscientists, synthetic biologists, genetic engineers, physicists, psychologists, communications officers and marketers, theologians, ministers, priests, rabbis, and imams who have a perspective on the emergence of the mind/machine interface and can imagine the launch of ThinkPal, the most advanced neuraxial device of its time, during the presidential election of 2056. 

The Legacy You're Leaving 
Juniors and seniors in Jill Cowburn's journalism class at Saratoga Springs High School are producing profiles of community leaders, innovators and artists whose works will be remembered long into the future. Join us and tell your story. 

This Week's Highlights in Our Creative Economy
Publicists and event schedulers with organizations in any segment of the creative economy -- arts, education, media, museums, research, or entrepreneurship, education -- who want to add their events to our weekly listing.