If the Saratoga Springs Smart City Commission embraces the proposal we’re crowdsourcing for its September 25th meeting, we’ll want to trademark another name to support our brand-building efforts:

SMARTACUS, The Saratoga Innovation Center

We’ll draw up a draft trademark application to be signed at some appropriate time after the Commission’s September 25th meeting. That signing will mark the formal beginning of Round 2 of our Practicum in Collaborative Media.

In the meantime, we’ll ask our designer, Skidmore graduate Siwei Song, to produce a logo for The Saratoga Innovation Center that’s in keeping with the campaign’s other key marks, which include these:

TheNYBrainWay -- driving the startup economy.png

Commissioner of Finance and Smart City Commission Chair Michele Madigan is convening a first meeting of what might be called the SMARTACUS Development Team. This is one of a number of items we’ve placed on the agenda.